Attention Breeders:
Please check with us before selling a puppy to someone using Alta-Tollhaus as a reference.

NASS 2012 Results:
VP1 Alta-Tollhaus Ava
VP2 Alta-Tollhaus Broderick
VP3 Alta-Tollhuas Aiden
VP8 Alta-Tollhaus Zorya
VP Alta-Tollhaus Ziva
VP Alta-Tollhaus Yippiekaiyay
VP3 Alta-Tollhaus Yggderasal
VP1 Alta-Tollhaus Walker Texas Ranger
SG Alta-Tollhaus Ulrich Maximus
SG Alta-Tollhaus Sade
V Alta-Tollhaus Gavin
V Alta-Tollhaus Epic

NASS 2011 Results:
V16 Alta-Tollhaus Gavin
SG2 Alta-Tollhaus Kapone
SG9 Alta-Tollhaus Ivan
VP2 Alta-Tollhaus Sawyer
VP8 Alta-Tollhaus Samson
VP9 Alta-Tollhaus Schone Zeta
VP20 Alta-Tollhaus Sade

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Herzlich Wilkommen!

Last Update: 17 January, 2013

At Alta-Tollhaus German Shepherds, we breed first and foremost for temperament and health. Our goal is to produce clear-headed, social dogs that are incredibly beautiful and versatile. Our dogs are very intelligent; they are a thinking dog, eager to please and always loyal.


For stories and pictures of our dogs in action, check out the blog Long Dangerous Tails


The Alta-Tollhaus kennel name represents a team of people. Alta is the kennel name of Julie Richards and Dr. "Mos" Mostosky; Tollhaus is the kennel name of Tiffany and Brian McDonald.

We are members in good standing of the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde and AKC

Attention Breeders and Puppy Buyers:
Please check with us before selling or buying a puppy to someone using Alta-Tollhaus as a reference or an implied association with Alta-Tollhaus.

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